Christmas Presents To Self.

Christmas 2012 has been a little lack lustre, I don’t get too many presents but only because I’m incredibly picky about what I want, whether it’s camera gear, electronics, even food.

To kick it off I bought myself an iPad Mini with a personal engraving of f/64 on the back to blog with and write notes on for blogs and pass the time whilst on location: read magazines and PDF tech sheets. I’m not a fan of 3G or any of that, waste of money when you pay for wi-fi, and if I had 3G or LTE I wouldn’t use it since I’m not on the Internet 24/7. I’d rather spend the money on other things.

Another bunch of Christmas presents is a Lee Filter Wide-Angle lens shade with 2 filter slots, 3 ND Soft Grad filters, and an F-Stop Gear Pro XL ICU to insert into my Berghaus rucksack for shooting trips. I bought the lens shade with 2 filter slots as I don’t really want to dismantle it, knowing my luck something will break, a screw become threaded or something along those lines will break. I also treated myself to a set of Lee Filters, in 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 to use in combination with the lens shade. 5 stops of ND should be ample for most of my shooting situations, I’ll be able to include more sky in my Zone System shots if the sky is 6 stops above ZVII and pull dev -1.

Enough about tech stuff, to the food side. This is a generalisation but every family has Turkey over Christmas, I don’t know why, it’s dry no matter how you cook it and there isn’t a great deal you can do with it afterwards. So we got a beautiful leg of lamb and a chicken, gorgeous meal it was, lamb is always tender and great in curry after.

I might update this post with pictures when the items arrive, the only down side about shopping online during the “holiday season” is nothing gets shipped until NewYear.