F-Stop Gear ICU.

Now that my F-Stop Gear Pro ICU XLarge has arrived I can try to arrange all my equipment in a way that makes shooting on location easier. I assume it’ll be fairly difficult to arrange everything in a logical way.

What’s inside: (From top to bottom.)
Lee filter lens shade, waiting on delivery,
Unexposed box of film with film boxes to transfer exposed sheets of film,
CM Fujinon-W 1:5.6/135mm lens, mounted in a Chamonix lens board, in a home made lens wrap,
Chamonix 045n-2 folding field camera,
4 Chamonix double dark slides, in handmade leather pouches,
3 Lee Filters: 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 Soft Grad filters,
Faux vintage first aid tin*
Changing bag,
BTZS Dark cloth.

*Contents of the tin:
Soligor Spot Sensor II,
Hening 6x lupe,
Cable release,
Lens cleaning cloth,
Philipp Salzgeber Quick Disk,
Lens wrench,
Anti-Static brush,
Stop watch,
Tape measure,
Mini mirror.


Final weight of the packed ICU is 4.9kg, a lot lighter than I expected, shouldn’t be too much of a load to trek with. There is space for trekking equipment in the voids that the ICU doesn’t fill so I can still backpack for a couple of days or until the weather cooperates.

The only downside is I still haven’t figured out a way to attach my Berlebach tripod to my bag so I might have to resort to carrying it everywhere, good job I have the bag and the tripod doesn’t weigh all that much.