Lee Filters Wide Angle Lens Shade.

I picked up the final piece of the ICU puzzle today, the Lee Filter wide angle lens shade. Not having this item hasn’t hampered my ability to shoot but I like to do things when they’re in their place, and having the void filled in my ICU let’s me photograph comfortably, without feeling as though I’ve forgotten something.

I now feel as though my kit bag is now complete, before having/even knowing about F-Stop Gear I was constantly worried about damaging pieces of equipment: namely glass, and not having the ability to store all of my 5×4 gear in one place was a pain. Before owning the ICU I had to pack carefully as much equipment as I could into a tote bag, it wasn’t ideal or even practical, but I had to struggle on to get the shots I had pre-visualised. Now everything is in one place I can commit to week long trips, long walks in the middle of nowhere and take my entire kit bag to uni for workshops with Kev when he does his 5×4 day trips.

With a small adjustment aided by another purchase I can add 6 stops of ND if I need.

It might have taken a while and a lot of money but I truly feel at home with my camera.