Walk Planning And Competitions.

A few weeks back I spent the weekend at Gearstone Lodge with my explorer unit in Ingleton. On the Saturday the unit went on an 8 mile walk, but since I was ill I couldn’t go.

I’d like to go back to complete the walk I missed out on. So upon researching the area to find the correct map code to plan the walk, I found a competition where people submit their photographs they produced whilst walking a trail in Ingleton, called the Waterfall Trail. This will be a great opportunity to photograph a beautiful area of the Yorkshire Dales and use these photographs for a competition which will go towards my university degree.

After buying a copy of the Ordinance Survey map (Map Code OL2) I realised that the Waterfall Trail is quite a way away from the planned walk my explorer unit walked. The solution is two walks, a bonus as the first walk is fairly short, only 7 or 8km, and the second is roughly 17km, which gives me a full days walking.

The Waterfall Trail follows the River Twiss from Ingleton to a foot bridge called Ravenray Bridge, where a foot path is followed until the River Doe is met, then followed back to Ingleton.

Hopefully the first walk around the Waterfall Trail will provide me with photographs sufficient for competition entry and if the weather holds all day I might be able to make some photographs for another competition whilst on the second walk.

The only downside to entering competitions in todays digital age is I will have to submit scans of the negatives I produce which I don’t like to do. I prefer to hand print all my negatives but if I win there could be an opportunity to exhibit my printing skills.