Visual Metaphor.

For a uni brief, titled; Visual Metaphor, I have to produce a series of images to accompany a poem, either a previously published writer or I can work in collaboration with a contemporary poet.

In an effort to shake up the conventional narrative of this brief where students use song lyrics or a famous poem I’d like to try and use Haiku style poems to make the connection between image and text a little more complex, a deeper metaphor where real thought must be applied to grasp the whole concept.

I’ve done a little bit of research on Haiku and they’re a lot more complex than I thought. They’re more sensory and objective than most poems, and they relate more to physical experiences so a Haiku about winter weather would possibly be focused on red cheeks and numb toes contrasted with what might be heard. Since I’ll be providing one sensory stimulus the Haiku would have to convey experiences relating to touch and sound, possibly taste.

A winter Haiku I found online by Richard Wright could be an appropriate starting point;

My cold and damp feet
Feel as distant as the moon
On this autumn night.

I’ll have to do a little more research and maybe practice writing a couple before I start to bring them fully into my work. Or let someone else write one I can work with.

I would like to bring calligraphy into the equation too, Indian ink and hand made paper framed below the final print would look amazing. Well it looks good in my minds eye at least.