Keeping Kit Alive.

Not exactly a view camera but I’ve had my late grandad’s Yashica FR-1 repaired by the trusty steeds at Calumet Manchester and I picked it up today. When I sent it in there were a couple of issues with it, the wind on teeth were destroying the sprocket holes in the rebates of the film which stopped any advancement of the film in the camera. I also noted that the film advance window that tells you how many shots have been fired didn’t move when the lever was advanced.

Before the phone call to let me know it’s time to pick up the camera they rung me to inform me the cameras internals have suffered from “drop damage” which my grandad may have caused, probably why he bought another camera instead of fiddling to get this one repaired. They informed me the film transport teeth that cock the shutter has been fixed so they won’t shred film anymore, and they also told me the film advance window gear that needed replacing is no longer available, which means I’ll just have to guess where I am along the roll, not an issue really since I don’t shoot 35mm that often, if at all.

When I picked it up the guy behind the desk told me another repair had been done and that it’d been cleaned throughout. The extra repair on the invoice stated they have replaced all the light seals as most had crumbled from age which means I won’t get any unexpected light leaks in future images.

It still looks good and for a couple weeks I’ll be using it, probably not much longer than that as I spend most of my money on instant and sheet film.
20130123-172959.jpg It should last another 20 years now, so long as I look after it as I have for the last 6.