I Guess It’s Not Meant To Be.

I know I said I’d use Haiku as my basis for the professional studies brief for uni but it would appear I wasn’t the only one with the idea, a wildlife photographer on my course has the same idea, and instead of writing them as I have she bought a book full of Japanese Haiku about animals of all shapes and sizes.

For a gallery exhibition we’re supposed to put on in May we have to have the influence for the images underneath the framed photographs, and two photographers with similar writings could indicate a lack of thought towards the work and could give a negative impression towards the photographer and the resultant works.

This unfortunate turn of events as lead me instead to look at Dorothy Parker, Laurie Lee and René Daumal to see if I can use excerpts from their writings to create images in response.

This coincidence won’t stop me from writing Haiku if the inspiration to write one comes about whilst using my camera but it means I won’t use them in my brief.