Do You Dev At Home?

I keep forgetting to share a helpful piece of information for photographers who develop their sheets of film in trays. If you tray develop and get annoyed with loosing track of time whilst waiting to agitate the trays or get fed up with the monotony of counting seconds before agitations coincide with your scheme “there’s an App for that” and it’s called the Digitaltruth Massive Dev Chart.

If any of you have used their website you’ll know how helpful it is, and the app is a fully customisable program that counts down and informs you when you can agitate according to the instructions you input, it’s an easy app to use and it’s made my time developing sheets go a lot faster and I always end up with consistent results.

I understand this post sounds a lot like a product relations plug but its just a good app that deserves attention from all silver shooters who process their own negatives.