Exhibition Frame Conundrum.

For the exhibitions I have to host as a part of my degree I have to figure out how big my images have to be printed, since I habitually print 16×20″ I won’t go any bigger: mostly because I can’t afford Fibre Based papers any bigger than 16×20″.

The next issue is calculating the frame size and the depth of the margin to give my borders. I researched for formulas to aid the calculations but after some mind melting maths I found the Logan Graphic’s Border Calculator. It’s a calculator that helps people who already know how big their frames are to help figure out their border margins. But since I didn’t really have a clue how big my frames were to be I used the calculator to give me frame dimensions with 3″ borders.

After a lot of fiddling with numbers I have my frame dimensions for both orientations with deeper margins at the bottom of the image so the eye doesn’t play tricks.

For my vertical orientation the dimensions will be:
Which will give me 3″ on the top three sides and 5″ on the bottom edge.

For my horizontal orientation the dimensions will be:
Which will also give me 3″ on the top three sides and 5″ on the bottom edge.

With these calculations I also have 0.25″ on all 4 sides of the print hidden by the aperture of the mount which gives me just enough room to secure the dry mounted print to the reverse side of the mounting window.

I just need to process all the sheets I exposed on my Scotland trip and contact print them so I can gauge the number of frames I need to order in each orientation.