I Have Some More Reading Material.

One of the benefits of living with book sellers for 5 days is their knowledge of literature linked with Scottish heritage, I asked if they knew of any poets and the first name they spoke of was Robert Burns. They had a couple of books relating to his work but nothing I could take home so I decided to purchase a copy of his completed works to peruse at my leisure to find suitable poems for the work I have already produced.

Although I doubt I’ll have any chance to even open the pages as I’ve been helping to install photographic works for another students exhibition she has organised in conjunction with the Cape Town trips uni has put on.

I like the graft work that goes on behind the doors of museums during exchanges of work and renovating vacated buildings so they can be used to present work in a suitable manner. The organisation skills required and the apparent leadership skills I hold come in really handy when something needs doing that I know I can’t accomplish on my own.

The process of bringing an exhibition together brings all parties together too, all artist working together towards a common goal really is something to behold, and I can guarantee I’ll never get tired of it.