Just Another Day At A Trade Show.

Tom Harper drove myself and Phil West two and a half hours down to Birmingham for a day trip to the NEC yesterday, the annual Focus On Imaging trade show started on the 3rd and Tom and Phil organised to go down for a day and I tagged along.

As always there’s a lot to see and do there; talks, reviews, seminars, anything and everything photography related is there.

I went to stands that appeal more towards the traditionalist; Linhof Studio, Ilford & Harman, the Fujifilm Instax stand and a fair few I can’t remember the name of.

The guy behind the counter at the Instax stand gave me a free pack of film because I let him know there are still a couple of Instax shooters out there: which was very nice. 20130306-153832.jpg

The Linhof Studio stand was manned by a very polite team, a couple of them were family. The stand was also manned by Joe Cornish, he answered the more technical questions customers wanted answering, I think he was using one of his 5×4 slides as an example of loupe power, but I’m not a 100% certain.
Whilst at the stand I bought a Silvestri cable release for my Chamonix and a Lee Filters 105mm Polariser and adapter ring, I don’t want to divulge how much it cost. 20130306-153921.jpg

As always there are a couple of give away competitions, but they are next to impossible which makes them even more frustrating. A camera bag company had a challenge in which you had 2.5 seconds to unclip the bag, sling it round, unzip and fire a frame before the guy on the TV did. My best was 6 seconds, the zip tag thing is too small to grab quickly, unless you have the dexterity of a robot from the year 4563. 20130306-154807.jpg

At the Longridge Mount Cutter stand I discovered there’s an easier way to get perfect window mount corners, it’s with their products, the ease at which you can measure, lock and cut the window mounts is beyond me, and the designer and R&D team were there. The entire team were lovely and they said if I ever need to give them a ring about their products I can just give them a ring; which I’m sure to do if I ever break something. 20130306-154855.jpg

And here’s Tom driving us home into the sunset. 20130306-155007.jpg

After I got home I noticed the swatch sample pack Jim from Daler-Rowney promised to send out. I’ll compare the white from my Adox paper to the sample pack to see which mount board is best for my window mounted prints.