The Unsatisfactory Drone Of A V700.

I woke up late today to ship some lenses I sold on eBay, as a result I couldn’t get into uni to contact print all the negatives I developed the other day.

But I had to go to a meeting at the local museum so I decided to go to uni, on my day off, to scan the negs so the day wasn’t a total loss.

I never liked scanning, there’s something about it akin to cheating, contact printing isn’t hard, it’s just three or four 2 second exposures onto paper. But as I have to go to another meeting next week I thought I’d have something to show them on the iPad. Not what I want them to see but it’s better than rambling about an idea with them not having a clear idea of what I want to show on their walls.

The whir of gears
Does drag along the pane of time
The physical sound of digital pain.

I tried to upload a scan of a botched sheet but for some reason it’s not working. But I now know I can’t use a soft grad upside down as a hard grad; it was worth a try though, save a bit of money.