More New Toys.

Whilst at Focus On Imaging I visited the Linhof Studio stand, as I said in a previous post.

Whilst at the stand I looked at their digital back adapters, various view cameras and other interesting pieces, including their second hand Schneider lenses. After looking and playing, even teaching Tom a thing or two about view cameras, I looked at stuff to replace equipment I already have; cable releases and loupes.

I looked at their Silvestri cable releases and loupes to see if it’s worth replacing the one’s I use, their loupes are far too expensive considering what they are but the Kood cable release I have is a bit too short which means I actually face away from the scene I am photographing which means if something unwanted enters the scene I have a hard time seeing it whilst I’m looking at the stop watch timing my exposures. They twisted my arm into buying the cable release and after that they got me interested in the polariser after telling them I’m a view camera enthusiast.

After they found out I’m into my large format they jumped at the chance to show me the 10% discount off list price, it got me thinking and when they saw my face of contemplation they tried to show me more, but I told them I already had most of the Lee Filters ephemera and the only thing I don’t have is the circular polariser.

I asked to see one but they had already sold out. Luckily I saw one at the Lee stand about 30 minutes before so I knew what to expect, you’ll wander why I didn’t buy from Lee direct, but the guy was a bit of know it all and customer service is king at trade shows so I’m happy I bought it from Linhof Studio, they even threw in the adapter ring for free.

The circular polariser in pole position, with the cable release woven through the camera.

The only down side to the polariser is in order to have the adapter ring securely attached to the wide shade I had to remove a filter holder rail to have the ring in the correct position with enough thread on the screws, but when using the shade I found I used one or two grads at the most.

In attaching the ring I ran into some difficulties, the ring wouldn’t sit flush to the base plate so I had to find some tiny washers that came with another Lee purchase, it was quite a job to put together, the screws are fairly short and the small parts made for a finicky job so it took a little time, but now it’s in place I doubt I’ll do any more messing around with it.

I just have to wait till I organise another trip either to Scotland or the Dales again to test it out properly. Maybe a trip to Blea Tarn is in the books.