Ademco 2125.

I got a little more printing done today, I did a small run of my last print since it came out well and I got a test print of another negative too.

Whilst looking at my negative archive file, I found it was getting a little thick with all the contact sheets I’ve placed into its pages. I thought since I’m going to be dry mounting work soon I’ll have a little play with the dry mount press.

I wheeled it out from its cubby hole in the bay studio and flattened the wrinkly edges of my fibre based prints so they stack better, taking up less room. I flattened all my prints, ones from a while ago and all my recent prints; I left test strips, no point in flattening something to be used for toner tests.

A couple of the prints wrinkled so I will have to submerge them again for 10-20 minutes to see if the wrinkles come out. I won’t stack multiple prints in the press again, it’s obviously the cause of the deep wrinkle problem.

But at least the edges and corners of most prints are crisp and clean.

I still need to pick a mount board to use when dry mounting, no one seems interested yet because its not 2 days to our final show so I guess I’ll have to buy it all for myself. It’s a good job I have the budget for it.