How do you photograph emotions?

As it turns out I’ve gone about this brief all wrong, I haven’t been making images of metaphoric standing. I’ve been concentrating on trying to shoehorn the images I produced for my final show into this brief, as a result it hasn’t worked. It’s not the method of writing that’s been wrong for the brief just the way I went about the brief in general.

As a result I have to essentially start again, which feels like cheating because I won’t be using 5×4 for the rest of this brief. I’ll have to find a suitable piece of text that I can relate to; which means I’ll have to confront emotions I locked away a long time ago to produce images that will put me in good stead.

Another thing I have to accept is my images don’t have to be the height of technical perfection, they can be ambiguous and vague, so long as I can draw a connection between the text and the images when asked to outline the relationship. Being a very literal person this is going to be quite the challenge, but I guess they don’t just hand out Bachelors Degrees just for making pretty pictures.

I guess it’s back to the internet and my personal library of books I’ve collected whilst researching for this brief, now I know I went about it all wrong I can try to separate the work out and give me some breathing room from printing 4 days a week.