As Ambiguous As I Can Go.

I can’t say I’ve been having simple dreams which inspired this idea because that’d be a massive lie, they’ve been really bizarre; one was about pulling stone sized tooth fillings out of Mr Chewee sweets and some others are just too weird for words.

But onto a relevant topic, a thought for the visual metaphor brief has been surface rubbings, the origins of this idea came from a mini brief Jess from the course told me I missed where a tutor got the class to name their cameras, draw what they felt their cameras would look like as human beings and try to find an image of someone on the Internet that looks similar to their drawing. I thought about my sketching skills and what I’d bestow the group with and imagined a stick figure with spiky hair, something 8-9 year olds draw, at least what I drew in primary school anyway.

So this got me thinking back to basics, what else can be done with one tool, so I looked at surface rubbings and did a couple yesterday and they look alright. I was going to wait till I got to town to buy a graphite stick but I thought “thats complicating the method” and convinced myself chalk would be as good a tool as anything, so long as it’s not orange or blue.
The idea is to describe the emotive qualities via the colour of the timber once the rubbing has been made, perhaps with a bit of camera-less photography and a cheeky bit of computer manipulation to get close to the colour of the timber, I’ll have to see how it goes.

They also look similar to gum bichromate prints, which I didn’t expect to see on reflection.