Giclée Printing.

I did a digital test print about a week ago and I wasn’t happy with the output at all, it was at least a stop darker in the print than the screen and I didn’t know why.
I was told the reason for this change in screen and print output lies in a variety of factors, that being a silver shooter I don’t appreciate; printer profiles, paper profiles and a heap of other factors that I don’t understand, nor want to understand as I feel it’s cheating compared to the craft elements of a gelatin print.

After being told I didn’t do it correctly I created a canvas 61cm wide and 30.5cm high which would accommodate two 8″ square prints with enough room around the perimeter to mount the prints to the window mounts I will cut when the special order mount board arrives from Daler-Rowney.

This is why my test print didn’t come out right, this is the smallest sub menu available and it shows the correct paper and print profiles which caused the difference in tone. The only thing that changed after this screen grab was taken was the paper size to be printed onto; I changed it to the size of the canvas on the screen.
I guess I’m just used to having one paper size, one enlarger and a set method to producing the prints I’m satisfied with, plus when I’m making silver gelatin prints, the prints are made with my hands, not a machine that has to be checked for clogged nozzles every hour or so.

In the end after all the settings were corrected the 14 prints came out to a standard I am reasonably happy with, but they need flattening so I put the stack in the dry mount press without any heat so after half term they should be nice and flat.

I’ll have to judge when they’re in a fully viewable state, I’ll share the output once I go back to uni in two weeks.