Blackburn Museum Gave Me Wall Space.

I managed to acquire a 3 week time slot to exhibit some of my landscape work at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery. I didn’t get the best space in the museum but I’m glad they found me a space that I can exhibit in.

My slot starts on the 13th of May, 2 days before the deadline. But I’ll use the time from now to then to give the wall some TLC, it needs a good lick of paint and nearly a thousand screw holes need filling and sanding. But I don’t think it’ll take quite as long as the reception gallery, not so much wall.

The space measures in at;
3.88m on the longest wall,
1.38m on the shortest wall,
2m on the opposite wall to the door, shortest wall,
And the ceiling is 2.56m high.

This is what the space looks like now, before any renovation work.

I will have to get some solid calculations to assign a number of frames to each wall but I’m thinking I’ll get 6-8 individual frames in total. Which is a decent number for the space.

I’m looking forward to sorting the space out now and to putting my work on show for about 100+ people a day to see.