Breaking The Ice.

After my trip to Scotland I haven’t “made” any photographs, I’ve taken plenty but they’ve all been crude snapshots for Twitter and after my post saying I feel I don’t shoot enough I’m finally gong to reacquaint myself with my maple mistress by photographing some dried tulips on pieces of drift wood I found along the river Ribble.

Here’s the setup:

I want to widen the scene but I don’t have any sheets of black velvet to absorb the stray light and the reflection of the glass. I might nip to the market on Saturday and see if I can find some lengths of what I need so I can use my wide lenses or their primary purpose, and decrease my bellows draw.

It’s a good thing I got out all my kit because I found out my trusty Soligor light meter has completely failed again and I have officially lost faith in it, it’s done me well but another is needed.