Lighting Diagrams.

I might start including lighting diagrams to blog posts when I write about still life work if I can figure out how big the JPGs are. I found the app Sylights a while ago and told all the first years to get it for their blogs for their studio work but I don’t use it for mine.

I guess I don’t use it because landscape work doesn’t include flash heads and reflectors but since I’m going to start playing with still life I might find it a useful tool.

I have rustled up a bit of a two birds one stone type deal; for you guys it’s an in app save to show a couple of the features of the app and for me it’s to see how big the file is: if it’s small enough I’ll upload more as I use it but I’m cheap so if it’s too big I won’t.


Joys, the grabs are 40-70kb each, so it looks like I’ll be using it more often. Sharing how it’s done can only be good, or so I’m told.