Daisyfield Mill.

As a part of the Open Doors exhibition at Daisyfield Mill I have chosen to exhibit 4 silver gelatin prints, 2 from Scotland and 2 from Ingleton.

I’ve been quite unorganised with this exhibition, I didn’t dry mount my prints before the Easter holidays so they all have wavy edges and I was lucky to use some of Sophie’s frames from her KAART exhibition and fortunately the prints were just about the right size for the window mounts that came with the frames, not a perfect fit but fit for purpose given they’ll only be up for 14 hours.


The only thing that I need to do now is fully secure the frames to the wall; if you look closely the screws are nowhere near being flush to the wall, and I have to then position a business card to the wall showing all my digital contact details. Since the frames are only up for a short time I’ll just tell people what I do, rather than have them read about me; there’s a risk I’ll ramble on but I’ll do my best to keep it under control.