Open Doors.

So the second day of Open Doors at Daisyfield Mill was great, my work looked alright and it was well received and when I told people the method of image and print manufacture they were intrigued.

But before I go into all that I’ll share the rest of the days sites and some of the companies that put it all together before I talk more about my work.

Mutoid Waste Company created a toad from 2 scrap beetle cars and positioned it on a barge that floated behind the mill on the canal.

The BestJoinedUp collective had a small silk screening workshop set up with the a couple of different designs: This is my first ever silk screen print and I’m pretty happy with it. I had to fold it to fit it in my bag.

Somewhereto_ had a small selection of musicians to listen to and watch whilst you sat at Rebound’s pop up cafe. Unfortunately I have forgotten this guitarists name, but he was fantastic and I’m not really a fan of guitars.

People eating, drinking and listening to the same guy.

Unfortunately using a Fuji Instax Wide has its disadvantages, I usually forget to change the focus parameters and the flash doesn’t quite light up distant subjects well. But it’s a price I’ll pay as long as I use the camera.

Back to talking about my exhibited works. It was quite nerve wracking to introduce people to my work, regardless of whether they were intrigued by it or not; and a couple of people didn’t care at all. Sophie snapped a couple of pictures whilst I was telling people where and how the pictures I made were made so I can use them as evidence to show tutors on Thursday.

All in all it was a great day and a great experience and I’m grateful I was given the chance to use even a tiny space in such a grand building steeped in history.