Ideas Sketches.

Since I rarely use a physical journal to jot down ideas I sometimes forget to write ideas down with a quick sketch doodle of the idea to visually grasp what it is I want to accomplish. I frequently use the note pad App on my iPad but there’s no way to draw so it’s hard to remember the initial visual spark.

So in order to try and get back to using a tried and tested method, digitally, I am going to start using an App called Paper, it’s won a couple awards in the App Store so I thought I’d give it a try; excuse the crude sketch, I’m no skilled drawer or anything like that: as I said it’s just to reference a visual representation of the idea.

It has in-app purchases but I only need what’s given, plus it reminds me of playing with Indian Ink. I’m not sure if I’ll share these as much as the lighting diagrams but if an idea needs a bit of help to see it through I’ll definitely share it.