Asahi Pentax Digital Spot Meter.

At last, my latest purchase has come through customs and I was able to pick it up this morning before I got dropped off in town to get the train to uni.

The Asahi Pentax Digital Spot Meter I ordered 2 weeks ago arrived as described, minimal aesthetic wear apart from the dent over the front element which isn’t really noticeable by sight or feel.

It seems to work correctly but only in the test will I be sure.

It uses a PX28A battery, so I’ll have to special order another just in case this battery dies in the near future.

The serial number is #145256, but I cannot for the sake of looking find out exactly how old it is. According to the net it could be anywhere from 4-11 years old, I’ll take it to the local camera store to see if they can help: fingers crossed.

I can finally get back to making photographs and now I have a functioning meter I can go back out on location and start a new project.

It’s all coming back together again, and it feels good.