Rainy Day Play.

Since the trusty Met Office said it’d rain today I decided to test my new toy; the Asahi Pentax Spot Meter.

I’m using the drift wood I gathered the other week and some fresh daffodils from the back garden I picked a couple of hours ago, the first shot looked well against another piece of drift wood but I forgot to snap a quick photo before I moved it out of the way for the second which I grabbed a shot for.

As I don’t have any black material to use as a backdrop I’m using my old Oakley snowboarding jacket, but it has a slight pattern to it and since I’m a bit of an f/64 fiend I’m a little concerned the pattern will rear it’s head in the negative. Providing the meter has given me adequate exposure parameters.

I’m going to do a couple more sheets at f/5.6 to get some selective focus shots, probably focussing on the stamen; see how it goes. You never know, I could be wasting 4 sheets if this meter isn’t calibrated right.