Beacon Fell.

Tom Harper drove us to Beacon Fell this morning, in not so ideal weather conditions. It was, and still is overcast, raining and pretty miserable; not weather to be photographing on location in but it needed to be done so I could get an idea of what I can shoot this Saturday when the weather is forecast to be considerably better.

The only up side to bad weather is the light it creates, flat light through low lying cloud looks quite eerie and produces quite contrasting scenes which never looks bad in black and white, so long as you don’t over develop the negatives.

My original plan was to photograph the pleasant vistas from the top of the hill, the reason the beacon is on the fell in the first place, it’s high visibility from the surrounding landscape.

But since the visibility was so bad, you couldn’t see 8-10 metres in front of you, I ended up photographing the smaller, more intimate spaces of the landscape; small trails forged by foxes and other small animals foraging for food.

At least after walking around sodden head to toe I can pre-visualise what I can achieve in better weather, with 4 double dark slides and an unforgivingly heavy backpack.