Repairs, Repairs, Repairs.

I finally sent my Fujinon SW 1:8/90 off to be repaired today, after planning to send it off in February.

I get my repairs done via Calumet’s store in Manchester, they have their own guy in house. But I always forget his name. He’s repaired everything I’ve sent his way without a hitch, touch wood, and I’ve never been kept waiting longer than quoted without a polite phone call to say it might be a week longer.

There are a few things wrong with the lens;
1: The aperture lever doesn’t move freely, it’s tangibly stiffer than my 135mm.
2: Whole, half and quarter second settings are nowhere near accurate.
3: And the shutter makes a terrible squeak when opened on Bulb and Time. Goes through me every time.

Hopefully it’ll be as good as new when it comes back, I’ll be able to get some nice and wide shots knowing full well it won’t do anything it wasn’t designed to.