Getting Stuff Done.

I have now organised my prints for both Daisyfield Mill and Blackburn Museum, with the help of Emma Ford.

The only thing left is to order the frames I’ll use for Blackburn Museum’s gallery space. I’ve whittled the number of prints to go up in the museum from 10 to 6, it makes putting them up much easier, looks cleaner and gives the images space to breathe; so to speak.

One of the factors that made me lower the number of frames to be put up in Blackburn Museum is the size of the space after I took a test print down to size it all up. Putting anymore than 6 up wouldn’t look right, it’d look as though I’ve tried to cram them in, not professional at all.

To give a small glimpse into what I’m talking about I’ve drawn up a quick elevated sketch showing the specs of the space. The image from a previous post doesn’t do a lot for determining scale.20130506-174000.jpgSince the frames are going to be close to 32cm wide with about 40cm between each print this should be enough room, but I haven’t done the hard math so I might have to slim the gaps a bit.

In the process of getting work ready to exhibit I’ve spray mounted prints to foam board, since it’s Bank Holiday Monday I don’t have access to the mini booth that you spray into so the gases don’t make you nauseous.20130506-173237.jpg

So since it’s a beautiful day I decided to use the great outdoors as my well ventilated area.20130506-173221.jpg

But the heat didn’t cure the glue spray, it made it warp a little so I had to repress the prints and move them inside, I’ll have to be careful when I’m cutting the prints away from the excess foam board.20130506-173210.jpg

So there they are, 12 prints ready to be cut up and framed. I just need to chase up my mount board and get the frames sorted.20130506-173217.jpg

On another note I know I’ve said I’ve been quite lax recently but now the deadline is coming up I feel determined to get stuff done and since I don’t have to reprint stuff from Scotland and Ingleton, which will save me a pretty penny, I can relax and turn my attention to my final show which needs a few more shots doing so I can finish printing and get to framing for the last show of the year.