Nearly There.

Before I went to the museum to finish sanding the polyfiller ready to paint I went to the college building to return their 16×20″ 2 blade printing easel that I managed to get a final warning letter for. Fortunately I know both techs in both buildings so I kindly asked both to cancel the fine if the other didn’t get round to it.

After returning the easel I bumped into Martin, one of the teachers who critiqued my silver gelatin prints a week ago and I asked him to crit my contact sheets, the prints I intend to exhibit at my final show. He liked the size, content and concept: both thumbs up. He called Sean and Carlton over to show them the prints, they had similar thoughts, they talked between themselves and with me about them; suggesting mounting options and the possibility of toning.

Martin suggested I sepia bleach and selenium tone or gold tone the prints to emulate one of the practice prints at the bottom of the stack. It’s not a print I should show as it’s a severely underexposed print, I didn’t know matte paper was a great deal slower than glossy. But I guess I can have a play.

I’ll have to conduct a bit of research into toners, I’m not sure about dilutions or what results I’ll get. Not sure if I’ll have enough time to experiment before the final show.

After the impromptu tutorial I headed over to Blackburn Museum to finish the job I started weeks ago. Had I known it wasn’t painted I’d have been over sooner.

Once the left over filler residue was sanded flush I wiped the walls with a damp cloth to make sure the paint adhered to the wall and not the dust from all the sanding.

It took 2 hours to paint the 3 walls but a good job takes time, the only thing left is a top coat to cover the bright spots where the filler is. Hopefully one coat will be sufficient.