Daisyfield Install Plan.

This is how I intend to install the six images in Daisyfield Mills dedicated show space.


It’s a simple set up but I want the viewer to see that even though the images were all created in different places, they all have equal visual impact and I don’t prefer any one above the rest.

The method of securing the mounted prints to the wall is a little unorthodox. I usually exhibit in frames. But as the walls are technically brand new; they’ve only recently been plastered and painted, the owners would prefer exhibitors to refrain from screwing into the walls. The solution is tiny nails that are to be tapped in that hold up prints with the use of baby bulldog clips.

It shouldn’t be that hard to make sure the nails are all level but I’ll have to have make sure the nails aren’t skewed otherwise it won’t look right.

After this install I only have the museum to do then I can continue with shooting and printing for the final show.