Daisyfield Installation.

The installation of my images at Daisyfield Mill got off to a rocky start. The pieces that were to be taken down to free up space for my work were still up on the wall, and as I’m not of the frame of mind to just tear someone else’s work down because it’s located where I was to go I just moved to a different spot.

Although I wasn’t able to install the walk how I wanted, I can use that plan for the museum. As the space I found wasn’t wide enough to fit all of the images on one row I had to devise a plan to arrange the images in a grid without creating a narrative, as the images are not meant to create a narrative.

It took a bit of math to organise the prints evenly but I know how to get an even gap throughout without too much of a fuss.20130510-171927.jpg

The last couple of detail include rubbing out the pencil lines I used to separate the prints and hanging the text that sets the context of the prints. Then I’ll be ready to inform my tutors they can see my work.


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  1. When I display work I always get hung up on how to frame and mount it. You’re frames here look very easy and simple. Make I ask what you did?

    • Hey, yeah no worries. The images are Giclée prints spray mounted onto foam board for lightweight rigidity. The method of putting them on the wall is as basic as I have seen, on each corner is a bulldog clip hanging from a tiny nail. I chose not to use frames to keep overall costs down and to keep in line with the spaces aesthetic. Hope I helped.

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