Beacon Fell.

I went again today with my mum to finish photographing for Kånna. I only shot 4 sheets because the weather wasn’t playing ball, not enough sun for long enough to get a full 5 stop neg, but I should have ample to work with for the project. After all I only intend to exhibit 5 images.

On another tangent I looked at the equipment and ethos page the other day and realised I hadn’t photographed the equipment I use, so whilst at Beacon Fell I photographed a little bit of my gear for the blog.

I’ll have to decide on whether to photograph the Hasselblad as I’m thinking of selling it, not sure what will replace it though. Maybe not another Hasselblad. Might try a Mamiya or Voigtlander if I can find a 6×7 on the cheap.