DIY Print Box.

Since August 2012 I’ve opened and emptied 12 boxes of Ilford Delta 100. When I empty a box of film I use it as a storage box for exposed negatives if I’m on a trip, this is how I organise my exposed sheets.20130516-142718.jpg

I try to keep my push/pull developments to +1 & -1, purely to prevent my dev days rolling into the early evening, preventing me from contact printing in the same day.

Using the boxes makes life a little easier when I’m in the dark, no fiddling, just open the box and grab two sheets, dunk them in the dev and go.

Every now and then I use a freshly emptied box to replace a storage box I’ve used for a couple of months, but instead of just chucking the replaced box into the recycling bin I thought about using it as a print box, considering I have turned to printing contact sheets with more attention to detail over just the usual 3x 2 second exposures I give to an 8×10 sheet of paper: normal contact sheets with two negatives per piece of paper go in my neg archive.

So here’s my newest way to safely store more precious contact sheets.20130516-144232.jpg

I’m using film boxes to store contact prints because film boxes are acid free, they’ve free after the film’s been shot and they look cool. The only presentational change I’ve made to the box is peeling the sticker off that shows all the technical information of the film and the development times.