Still Life Backdrop.

As the British summer is second to none existent I am pretty much kept indoors, which isn’t good with having A.D.D. So to keep myself occupied I have decided to make a backdrop onto which I can drape fabrics over to make my still life images a little cleaner in the background.

I drew up a little plan to help clarify my own idea of how it’ll look. (I bought the ‘Essentials’ pack on Paper to add a bit of colour since basic line drawings look a bit boring.)20130518-184645.jpg

I went to my grandma’s to find some lengths of 30mm x 15mm to chop down but for some reason she’s hoarded it and won’t let me use it so I came back to hunt some more in the garage which didn’t go well. So I looked in the shed and miraculously found exactly what I needed. I measured the lengths and fired up the circular saw. Getting the angular pieces was the scariest part, my finger tips were millimetres from no longer being connected to my beloved digits.20130518-184651.jpg

Once cut to size the edges were extremely rough and I was a little worried it’d snag on the fabric, so I sanded the edges down to reduce the risk of fabrics I drape over the structure from tearing if they are aggressively removed by accident.20130518-184700.jpg

Once sanded I gave the pieces a clean with a wet cloth to remove the saw dust, whilst I waited for the parts to dry I looked at flowers to photograph once the structure has been completed.20130518-pp184704.jpg

I proceeded to glue the structure together but I found the clamps I usually use are M.I.A, so to secure the structure I used glue and one clamp to make sure the glue set right. I used screws once the glue dried to ensure it will never break, at least under the weight of a piece of fabric.20130518-231827.jpg

And there she is, my DIY backdrop ready to be used for some still life work.20130519-025440.jpg

I’ll gather some flowers tomorrow and share some behind the scenes shots of the structure in use.