Still Life Work.

As promised I used my DIY backdrop stand today and used it to photograph some of the flowers I wondered about looking at yesterday. 20130519-134252.jpg

It was dryer and sunnier than forecast so the flowers opened up more than they did yesterday so the subjects looked nicer.20130519-140216.jpg

Obviously I haven’t photographed the whole bunch together, it’s far too busy a shot. It’s just to illustrate the backdrop in use.20130519-134218.jpg

This is what I have been photographing, flowers that have similar and differing reflective values so the resultant images have a look to them.20130519-135654.jpg

A quick shot from under the dark cloth; sticking to f/5.6 on this shot meant I got the snowdrops to fall out of focus from the bunch at the top (bottom left) and the leaves (to the right) are just out of focus. It should be quite a nice image.20130519-140648.jpg

The only downside of the day was forgetting to stop down on a sheet, so 1 sheet of 4 is 7 stops over exposed. I’ll just bin in when it comes out the fix, highly unlikely it’ll be of use. I blame the warmth of the conservatory and my mind wandering due to the heat.

I should be able to develop the sheets tomorrow, I’ll see how it goes.