Multiple Choice.

I processed the four sheets of still life work I shot on Monday, and I saw the over exposed sheet at the side of the bin today and laughed. I think it’s safe to say it’s unusable when the camera massively overcompensates for the density of the negative, the light box is overwhelming.20130523-202001.jpg

On a happier note I got the 5 prints I am going to exhibit done. I bracketed the prints in a way, I have a print on either side of my preferred print so I can pin them to the wall and use this next week to analyse them all and choose which I like after looking at them intermittently over the coming week.20130523-202008.jpg

I think this half term break will be well needed, I’ve put myself under a lot of stress this past month; thinking about the final exhibition, my Blackburn Museum show, helping out uni friends with their shows and thinking about what I’ll do once I’ve left uni. I might enquire about a PGCE (teaching degree) but I want out of education for a while, get a job then go back after a year or two if I can afford it. That’s unless I move to San Francisco first, I really want to live there.