Tudor In America.

So my mum booked a 2 week trip to San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in August so I can have 5 days in San Fran to look for jobs to apply for so I can live there next year and to photograph everything feasibly possible whilst we’re there for the usual holiday memories.

Since I’m quite anti-digital I’ll be using my late grandad’s Yashica FR1 to photograph everything I can see; all the tourist clichés and all the stupid stuff me and my mum get up to.

And that is where the debate began. Which emulsion do I use whilst we’re over there. I usually shoot monochrome for personal work and colour for commissioned works but since I thought there are too many colours floating and darting about in America mono wouldn’t do the memories justice, so I searched my second favourite film distributor’s website to find a cheap colour emulsion. The final choice was Fuji’s own brand 200 speed emulsion named TudorColor. Supposedly it’s Fuji Superia 200 24exp Colour Print Film, which makes sense since its a 200 speed emulsion with 24 frames a roll, but a thrice of the price.20130526-214110.jpg

During today’s glorious weather conditions I thought it appropriate to test the extra roll I bought so I can gauge the latitude of the roll, granted the latitude test was accidental because the exposure bias dial on the FR1 is easily moved which is a pain because it isn’t easy to notice as its not a highly visible or used part of the camera. So this is the ghetto solution.20130526-220011.jpg

After the 24 frames had been fired this is the look of the cartridge after I’d wound the tongue into the cartridge a bit.20130526-214115.jpg

The only thing that is worrying me about using this camera for this holiday is the tiny fact that the film won’t advance without the rear door being closed. Now I have a feeling my lack of confidence in this camera is my lack of confidence in 135 cameras, I never had faith in them. I much prefer Hasselblad’s and any 120 camera over 135’s mostly because I can see the paper backing move when I crank the lever, but on the contrary the built in meter helps a boat load since I probably won’t have enough time to meter and snap embarrassing photos of my mum or have enough time to meter before I ask people to grab a photo of me and my mum in front of any of the landmarks mentionable in all three cities.

I’ll just risk it for a biscuit and see how it goes, mum can always use her digital compact to make sure.