Sheet Film Dryer Prototype Design.

With my final weeks of uni approaching it’s becoming more and more evident that I’m going to have to get over my dislike for home darkrooms. Ideally I want a dedicated and ordered space, not to try and shoe horn a workspace into a bathroom or garden shed; hence my dream house has a dedicated darkroom on the ground floor.

Since I don’t shoot much 120 or 135 I feel okay with sending them to a lab or continue to process them myself but let them air dry naturally and risk them getting covered in dust. I might be okay to risk small and medium format negatives but I am not going to risk my large format negatives. I thought about buying a negative drying cabinet but they’re really expensive. Designing and manufacturing a prototype sheet film negative dryer could be the solution to my problem.

Whilst surfing the inter-webs today I saw an article in which a guy made his own C-41 chem warmer with MDF and a laser cutter: along with the electronics etc. This made me put my thinking cap on and sketch out some ideas for a dedicated 5×4 negative dryer.20130527-215029.jpg

I know my hand writing is scruffy but it’s just a set of sketches, I’d normally use the Paper app but I felt the need to scrawl this one out in the physical plane.

I’ll hopefully have enough time to get a working prototype made before I am formally asked to leave uni permanently, I don’t really know anywhere else that has a laser cutter so I’ll have to try and dial the design in when I get back to uni next week.

I hope it works, my negatives and my sanity depend on it.