Christmas 2.0

My friend tweeted me today asking if I wanted any darkroom ephemera since he knows I won’t have ready access to one once I’ve left uni. My reply before even thinking was ‘yes please!’ So even subconsciously I know I need all the help I can get to carry on shooting.

When he arrived there were a few more boxes than he said which got me a little more excited, we had a quick rummage then had a cuppa and caught up, talked about his business doing well and the fact I need a job.

After our chat and Sam left I got to rummaging through the new toys, sifting out what I can use and what know I can give to friends to help them out. I can even watch my grandma’s Super-8 footage from the 70’s with some of the stuff.20130529-223108.jpg

After a proper sort out and a play this is everything I know I’ll use, the rest I either already have or have no use for.20130529-223258.jpg

It’s a little unfortunate I don’t shoot E-6 because I’m surrounded by Cibachrome printing paraphernalia, both at home and at uni. At home I now have all the chemicals, a full set of filters and a daylight print drum, at uni there’s the chemicals, but no other equipment bar a colour enlarger to make life easy.20130529-223513.jpg

There are a few 600ml and 200ml graduates but the minimum amount of chems I use is a litre and I’m too impatient to mix up twice so they’re in the ‘to a good home’ box.

I hope it all works out once I have everything together, I don’t want to halt doing what I love because I forgot about something and I can’t get it because I can’t afford it.


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