Framing Up.

My mother drove me to Cobra Frames in Southport yesterday to pick up the 5 frames I’ll be using for my final show. I finally got to meet Darren the owner of Cobra Frames and the maker of the frames I’ll be using which was nice, we had a little chat about local watering holes and a bit about the weather; it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t.20130602-172832.jpg

As predicted they’re a great bunch of frames, I used the same mould as last year which may seem repetitive but why try improve on perfection.20130603-143756.jpg

I didn’t do anything with the frames yesterday because I was in the garden all day soaking up the sun, so I did them today. Since I specified the interior measurements of the frames to be 16″x20″ I know I can get 4 mount blanks out of each big sheet of mount board. A plus of getting 4 from each sheet means I can practice on the extra two pieces of board and get my measurements perfect before I cut into more sheets, which costs more money.20130602-172839.jpg

After I cut the 12 sheets I used the Logan Graphic Border Calculator to get an approximate for my border measurements.20130602-172857.jpgThe only downside to this calculator is it puts the aperture in the physical centre of the mount board, it doesn’t optically centre the aperture which is what you need; hence the approximate. My final measurements are: 6″ on the left/right sides, 7″ on the upper edge and 8″ on the lowest edge. These measurements make the aperture look optically centred, otherwise the print would look lower in the frame once it’s on the wall.

This is where the aperture will sit, and how it will look with a print in situ. If the print was any lower it wouldn’t look right.20130602-172901.jpg

Once I was happy with the position of the aperture I cut 5 for the frames.20130602-172912.jpg

To make dry mounting easier and to ensure the prints will line up right with the aperture I used the same measurements to draw lines to square the print to. If it works once the prints cool after coming out of the press I’ll be able to seal and install well before anyone else, if it doesn’t I’ll have to cut 5 smaller window mounts so the prints don’t fall through the aperture.20130602-172924.jpg

And that’s how they look in the frame, without a print.20130602-172938.jpgNow all I need to do is reprint one image to be a little darker so it matches the tonal aesthetic of the series and I’ll be set to mount and frame. I might buy some more business cards and mix in some from the last batch, hopefully that might make people curious as to what else I have done.