Bit Of A Waste.

After all the effort I put into getting the measurements spot on, the window mounts are a millimetre and a half too big, the prints aren’t sitting properly.

I did a test on an old packet of Kenthene graded paper with a test print to make sure the cuts were right, but no matter how I positioned the print in the aperture, either the top or bottom edge had a gap.20130603-143919.jpg

Dissapointed with myself for not realising that hand made double dark slides will have subtle differences in their measurements, I carried on with preparing the 4 prints I’m happy with for when it comes to mounting them for final framing; provided the next set of window mounts are right.20130603-143923.jpg

After cutting away the excess paper and dry mount tissue I put the prints in my locker. I can’t do anything else with them until the new window mounts are cut,.20130603-184818.jpg

To cheer myself up I did a bit of colour developing, for the first time in a while. It came back to me quite quick, the only thing I forgot about was the rinse water temperature, I just left the hot water running and before I put the hose in the tank I clocked the thermometer read 50°+, so I turned on the cold tap and accidentally let the roll stand in residual blix for a minute or two whilst the water was cooled to 37°.20130603-143950.jpgAfter development I quickly assessed the roll to see if the extra time in blix did any damage, I couldn’t see any so I removed the excess water and hung it in the dryer. At least this time around I didn’t apply a great deal of pressure, because the last time I was a bit too keen and took off a layer of emulsion. Should be good to finally see some scans.