Continental Beer Festival.

After developing the roll of Tudor I thought I might as well develop the roll of Neopan I shot at the Continental’s 3 day beer festival.

I went to the beer festival on its second day with Tom and James. As usual they had an amazing selection of beers on: IPA’s, APA’s, stouts and of course a couple of ciders for the wimps.

I documented the evening with my Olympus Go 100 35mm point and shoot, or what I have quaintly dubbed “The Bastard Cam!” Purely because get I called such profanities when I photograph someone with it, almost always with the flash on too.20130603-214516.jpg

It was a good night, the next day I thought about the the roll of Neopan inside which is only 400 speed and the last time I used this camera I put a roll of 1600 colour in which produced some beautiful results on a cheap holiday to Lanzarote. I debated pushing twice to bump the speed up and it didn’t really matter if I did or didn’t, but the results from pushing were a nice break from being overly strict on development. They look amateur but sometimes you just have to let go and wing it and I’m glad I did.20130710-140802.jpg

Whilst I was at the beer festival I thought I’d add to my ever growing collection of pint glasses, a tradition to pub goers. I retrieved 3 new glasses and the festival glass that cost £2.20130603-214605.jpg

I wonder if you can guess why I took this one?20130603-214611.jpg

After I scanned the roll I realised I hadn’t upped the DPI settings to 1600 so each scan is only 200kb or so, and that was reduced further after being rotated in photoshop to 70kb. Not really useable or editable images. But I’ll create a ZIP folder for the images to email to my friends so they can see them and if they approve I’ll scan the whole roll properly and distribute the images accordingly. It’ll be the same as the Tudor roll, I’ll scan them once I’ve had my final show.