Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera.

I bought a Polaroid 100 Land Camera from Chris Fecio on Twitter about a week and a half ago and it arrived today, very exciting stuff. I’ve never owned or even used a Land Cam before, so it should be interesting.20130606-140208.jpg

After opening the cover I gave the instructions a quick look over so I don’t accidentally break it, I live by the adage: If it doesn’t move, don’t force it! Especially pertinent with camera gear, you never know what detrimental damage it can cause.20130606-140528.jpgThe camera even came with a ‘Cold Clip,’ to be used when the external temp is lower than the recommended dev temp.

So after reading the instructions I got to opening the camera up.20130606-140447.jpg(The cloud filter and timer weren’t inside the camera but I put them in the shot to show the whole contents of the box it was delivered in.)

It’s a very clever setup, the camera goes from compact to fully extended with a couple of manipulations and a gentle pull of the front standard.20130606-140452.jpg

I was a little stumped about the focus mechanism at first but after another read of the instructions all became clear. After figuring out the focus I tried the film that was still inside the pack, I didn’t hold any hope it’d be usable film but to get an idea of the overall function I decided to have a play. As I expected the film pods had dried rendering the last two exposures useless.20130606-140504.jpgFortunately I have 7 sheets of Fujifilm FP-3000b left over from a play with a 5×4 instant back insert I borrowed from uni a while back, so that should give me a fair estimate of how it’ll handle in the field.

After the exposure test I took a quick look at the battery to make sure it wasn’t in such bad shape. Unfortunately it had leaked a bit but it hadn’t transferred to the terminal which would be good thing if I didn’t have the idea of converting it to a AAA battery pack. If the batteries were easy to find, and cheap, I’d be inclined to leave it. But who doesn’t like to tinker?20130606-140513.jpg

After the battery check I opened up the rear of the camera to check the inside of the camera and the rollers. I removed the empty pack to have a look at the rear lens element and apart from some surface dust it’s perfect; the same with the front glass.20130606-140518.jpg

The rollers need a bit of a clean but they move freely and they don’t seem to have any damage that can result in defective images.20130606-140524.jpg

All I need to do is source a 4x AAA battery holder to replace the current battery holder and I’ll be ready to shoot. This camera will be my Hasselblad replacement camera which I’ll use to scout locations with, hopefully I won’t cripple my wallet with all the pack film I’ll be buying, but with spending comes feel good shooting.