Today’s been quite a long one; I put my frames together, helped Kev iron out some waves in a few frames and helped with the display of Africa work to go in the foyer.

I started with my frames, taking out the window mount and the dry mounted work to remove the glass so I could clean it. I used a commercial glass cleaner I found in the garage, it’s a glare free formula, perfect for photo frames.20130607-191804.jpg

After the general clean with a tea towel I used a micro fibre cloth to polish the pane to a shine.20130607-191808.jpgI cleaned both sides but I’ll give the external side a clean on the day of the opening night.

After I had used the cleaner and cloths I was stumped as to where I could store them so to prevent them falling on the floor and getting dusty: I had a brain wave; use the black out blinds handle.20130607-191938.jpgI can say with authority, that’s never been done before.

Once clean I carefully returned the glass to its frame, after all I didn’t want to get greasy finger prints on it.20130607-191829.jpg

I turned my attention to the window mount, some had tiny marks on them so I used an eraser and a scalpel to remove all discolourations that were visible at close proximity: as the viewer will be close to the prints they’ll see all the tiny imperfections.20130607-191833.jpgTo clear the eraser dust I used a can of compressed air, it did the job nicely.

After cleaning the window mount I aligned the print to the aperture and made sure no dust was inside the frame, a challenge but I got nearly all of the dust out. I then closed the frames and used a chisel to press the tabs down firmly so the print won’t move inside.20130607-191838.jpg

Once the tabs were down I used packing tape to seal the deal.20130607-191817.jpgTo make sure the tape was secure I used a blade-less Logan bevel cutter.

And this is the result of a half hours worth of settling my OCD.20130607-191823.jpg

Just rinse and repeat, 3 more times.20130607-191848.jpg

Afterwards I attached the mirror plates and wrapped them in bubble wrap to keep them safe over the weekend. Just two jobs left, I still have to print the text to accompany the images and install them on the wall on Monday.