During a tea break today I turned to surfing Petapixel and I came across an app that will probably make the regular camera app redundant.

It’s called VSCOcam, but I’m not going to go into the details of the app, you can read the article if you like. I’m just going to go over why I think it’s an amazing app.

It’s similar to Instagram in a variety of ways; square crop, filters and sharing but with this beaut you can change the presets to tweak the image as you see fit.

For example, a photo of my shoes after sorting my frames out.20130607-215513.jpgYou can split the focus/exposure parameters which is a genius idea.

In the app you can change pretty much everything; the opacity of the preset you’ve chosen.20130607-215517.jpg

You can change the exposure bias afterwards.20130607-215520.jpg

The colour temp can be changed if the white balance either wasn’t right at time of capture or for stylistic reasons.20130607-215528.jpg

Contrast can be tweaked to your tastes.20130607-215534.jpg

And as per you can save the final image to your camera roll, share on Twitter and Instagram; if you have it.20130607-215540.jpg

Oh I forgot to mention, it’s a free app. Quality!


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