My Time Has Come To An End.

Well, there it is, the culmination of three years work. Doesn’t look like much does it?20130613-130450.jpgBut it does represent everything I’ve learned whilst I’ve been at UCBC: utilising a view camera to full effect, fully understanding the Zone System and progressing a great deal with my silver gelatin printing.

Whilst on the subject of printing, I know I said I’d exhibit 5 prints but I couldn’t get in the darkroom to reprint that last one as the darkroom is being used as a storage space whilst preparations for the exhibition are underway. It’d be nice to show 5 prints but 4 is my favourite number so I can let it slide.

Even though my work is done, the rest of the work isn’t, I’m still framing work up and installing other people’s work on walls.

If you were wondering how I got the work evenly distributed on the wall I used a bit of maths; add the total frame widths together and subtract that from the length of the wall. Divide this number by the number of frames plus one and that is how far apart you can have the frames. Getting them level took a bit of time but good work takes time and I’m not about to display my work if it’s not done right.