Subtle Changes.

With the final show opening tomorrow night I have made a few finishing touches. I have changed the text and the formatting to flow with the rest of the displayed work. I have redirected the lights to reduce the reflection so the work can be seen with more clarity and the last change will only be revealed on the night.

The new text is derived from the old but it’s a little more personable and shorter.20130618-233913.jpg

It reads as follows;

Kånna. (K-aa-n-ah)

This project is about exploration, we all want to experience new surroundings and venture into the unknown. In new places, this want to explore has an even greater presence.

These images are a documentation of the evidence of people’s curiosity when they wander off the beaten path. The tracks in these photographs began as deer and animal trails created whilst they were looking for food, and they are widened by our exploratory nature making them more visible.

The idea of exploration has a huge impact on us and the environment without us realising.

The project title is ‘explore’ in Old Norse, I came to this through researching the history of Beacon Fell which is a part of the Forest of Bowland.

The idea to use Old Norse for the title was inspired by the origins of the word Bowland, which comes from Boga; Old Norse for “bend in a river.”

A follow-up project will attempt to track the paths to their origins, in the hope to find the dens of the animals who create the trails.

– Adam Birchall.

My light modifier is simple but it looks good and it does the job.20130619-142502.jpg

And a bit of a teaser for the final addition.20130618-233918.jpgI can’t wait to photograph the night with the Automatic 100.