Insight’s Opening Night.

This will be the last post relating to my degree, I’ve finished, sadly. But it ended on a high, the opening night was a huge success. A lot of people asked me about my work and I even got a few inquisitive email about how I made the prints which was nice, it shows that people want to learn about historical processes; although I hate using the word historical.

I documented the evening on the Polaroid Land Cam, which too got people asking questions.

The photography show started in the atrium, the best images from the various Africa trips that the uni has organised we’re printed and framed. I had to remount my frame of four images but it looked fantastic afterwards, the images remind me of giving my Hasselblad to Samburu Tribe’s people and watching them go crazy looking at the waist level finder. It brought a smile to my face.20130620-140304.jpg

After looking at the work with my mum and a few family friends we went upstairs to look at the rest of the photography departments show. The bay studio was turned into a show space where we hung 2m long banners showcasing both second and third year work from assignments completed this year.20130620-140537.jpg

After the tutors congratulated the students on the work produced and said thanks to me for the work I put into the show, the room cleared a bit so I grabbed another shot.20130620-140524.jpg

In one of the classrooms an island unit was put together to host the numerous photo books second year students had made. They all went down really well. Around the perimeter of the room iMacs were running show reels of images, both personal and set brief work which was a really good idea.20130620-140533.jpg

The adjacent classroom was dedicated to third year work, it too had iMacs playing show reels of work made over the year. In the corner of the room Tom Dacey had a Northern Soul tribute show reel and I photographed him explaining his framed images and moving image work to an interest visitor.20130620-140541.jpg

Once it had slowed down I photographed my work, with the loupes attached so people could look at the contact prints and see the resolving power of sheet film. The loupes were the secret I was trying to keep.20130620-140902.jpgNot everyone knew how to use them but once they copied someone doing it right they actually gasped at the detail present in the prints.

After I gave Phil from the first year a quick lesson on how to use the Fujiroid, I stood in front of my work for an awkwardly cheesy portrait.20130620-140906.jpg

I had a lot of fun both on the night and studying at UCBC and I have no doubt that I’ll miss both the staff and the students, I’ll definitely be going in every now and then for a brew in the end room.