Wild Flowers.

Because I’ve been massively preoccupied with curating and installing the UCBC summer show I haven’t picked up a roll or sheet film camera in close to a month, well over my personal recommended layover between projects which is a little disconcerting. If I go over this arbitrary period of time I start to doubt my knowledge and second guess my second nature habits which slows everything down for a day, which then makes me feel like I’ve wasted time. But it’s either shoot and potentially waste a sheet, or read; and I’d prefer to crack on and potentially waste a sheet.

The only thing about my imagination, of which I seem to have little of, is it makes coming up with projects quite hard. I have to go through pages of research before I conjure up what I think is a decent idea. I can try and bypass the research but it’s the same horrible feeling creative block gives you, it just goes through me.

So whilst thinking about a new project, something I want to invest time into, I turned back to flower power. Wild flowers that is, I feel a little jaded by florists already. Plus my garden changes more than the stock of most florists.

I had a look around the garden and saw a spare roof slate half buried in cut grass, and saw a blue flower I’ve never seen before. I cleaned off the slate and decided the weather was good enough to shoot in, so I dusted off the Chamonix and uprooted the flower for a better composition.20130625-225912.jpg

Before I set up the 5×4 I could see that the light wasn’t great; I didn’t want to move from the shade much, so I went back upstairs to retrieve the reflector.20130625-225916.jpgI prefer the gold side, it just adds a bit of warmth to a shoot.

Since I had moved the majority of my still life studio outdoors I used a garden fork to prop up my reflector, who said photography had to be glamorous?20130625-225921.jpg

I was a little surprised at the amount of light reflected if I’m honest, I’ve modelled and I can’t remember that much light being reflected. It made metering a little difficult but I’ve preferred low contrast recently to suit the matte paper I bought a few weeks ago so it wasn’t such a bad thing.20130625-225925.jpg

After the final metering, because the sun went behind some thin clouds, I checked to make sure the composition was perfect and I exposed 2 sheets, one with a preference to shadows and one to the highlights, both should be low contrast negatives.20130625-225929.jpg

My next shoot; provided the weather is pleasant, will be to photograph these flowers once they bloom. I should really research the flowers I photograph, it’d probably give me a title for the series and a reason to carry on.20130625-225934.jpg

One final note, because of the rough weather we’ve been having over the past week, not a single petal from any of the poppies made it.20130625-225939.jpgA shame, because they would have been an interesting mini series in themselves.