Mommy I’m Home.

I got a pleasant phone call on Friday afternoon from a salesperson from Calumet’s Manchester branch informing me that my 90mm Fujinon has come back from the repairers after a month and a half of waiting.

The reason for the massive delay was in sourcing the parts from Fuji, which doesn’t make a great deal of sense because the mechanics are all in the shutter assembly which is made by Copal, but I’m not in the know on that front so I can’t be 100% certain.

As soon as I got to the store I was greeted, as per, with a smile and after I asked for the lens I gave it a quick test: I adjusted the aperture lever, that was a bit looser which was a good sign. I listened to each shutter setting to gauge the accuracy, and listened for that awful squeak at B and T when the shutter was opened. Everything is as it should be so I’m a happy customer.20130701-185256.jpg

Now it’s back I can’t wait to use it in the field again, the separation anxiety has pretty much disappeared and now I need to plan a shoot in the North Lakes and North Wales if I can. I should test the lens before I take it out, but with the uni darkroom still designated as a storage facility I can’t really test it, I could try and find a 5×4 pack film insert and try that, but I only know one guy with the right film and he isn’t selling cheap. I might have to risk it, it sounds perfect though; so I have a bit of confidence in it.